Updated at 0:50 PDT 16jul19


Name Address Status
The Hegemony (Get your axe to Mars) minecraft.tithonium.online:25565 stopped
Plana-Terra (Mars is too hard) minecraft.tithonium.online:25566 stopped
The Expanse (Simple, if flat) minecraft.tithonium.online:25567 stopped
Nowwhat (Normality Restored) minecraft.tithonium.online:25568 running


Name Address Status
Factorio factorio.tithonium.online:34197 running

Note on availability:

I don't run all the servers all the time, because of resource constraints. If a server isn't running and you want it to be, email me and I'm happy to bring it up when I can.

As soon as I can, I'm going to bring some more hardware up so I can run everything all the time.